ORION XO specializes in importing and redistributing a curated selection of premium Korean skincare products. Each product in their collection is carefully chosen for its quality, efficacy, and popularity in the global beauty market. Their commitment to excellence ensures that Sri Lankan customers have access to the finest skincare innovations from Korea, renowned for its advanced formulations and natural ingredients.

Brand Identity

Brand identity design creates a unique and cohesive visual and experiential representation of a brand, ensuring it stands out and resonates with its audience, reflecting its values and personality.


The key objective of this project was to establish a one-of-a-kind brand identity for ORION XO, a brand focused on importing and distributing premium Korean skincare products in Sri Lanka.


Digital Visibility
ORION XO faced challenges with establishing a strong online presence, affecting customer engagement and brand recognition. This highlighted the need for a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance their visibility


Market Saturation
In a saturated market, differentiating ORION XO from competitors proved to be a significant challenge. Developing strategies to stand out and capture the audience’s attention required a tailored approach.


Timeless Design
Creating a brand identity that would remain relevant and appealing over time posed a challenge. Ensuring the design’s longevity and adaptability to evolving trends was crucial for maintaining a strong brand image.


Developed a unique brand identity design for ORION XO that sets it apart from competitors, ensuring memorability and distinctiveness in the market.

Tailored Color Palette

Developed a customized color palette that reflects the brand’s personality and resonates with its target audience, helping ORION XO stand out in a saturated market.

Brand Voice & Tone

Defined a unique brand voice and tone that communicates ORION XO’s values and resonates with its audience, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand experience.

Our design approach for ORION XO was creative and strategic, focusing on visually appealing brand identity and dynamic content that resonated with the audience, supported by emerging technologies.


Week 1
Brand Research
Conducted thorough analysis of ORION XO’s market and audience, identifying key design trends and opportunities to differentiate the brand effectively.
Week 2
Concept Development
Generated and refined design concepts based on research, client feedback, and strategic insights to create a compelling brand identity.
Week 3
Project Finalization
Selected and refined the final design concept, ensuring alignment with ORION XO’s brand identity and goals, and prepared all deliverables for implementation across various platforms.

Impact of the Work Achieved

Embark on a transformative journey where our strategic approach creates lasting impact, shaping meaningful outcomes across tasks, projects, and beyond.

Social Media Engagement


Market Reach


Brand Affinity

“Working with Wow Homies was an absolute pleasure. Their creativity and attention to detail were evident
in every aspect of our brand identity design project. They took the time to understand our brand and
vision, and the result was a stunning and unique brand identity that truly sets us apart in the market. We
couldn’t be happier with the outcome and highly recommend their services.”


Founder – ORION XO